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Outlook Calendar Training Info

The calendar feature of Outlook is a very useful and powerful tool to manage your time, both on a personal and work related level.  There are excellent online instructions paid for by ANR using that shows how to use the calendar in Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. 

To access,

  • Log into your ANR Portal.
  • On the left column under My Links, click the Learning link.
  • Click the link that says Visit, then click the Log in link in the upper right and enter one of the five usernames and passwords provided.
  • In the search box in the upper right click corner, enter Outlook 2007 Essential Training or Outlook 2010 Essential Training or Outlook 2013 Essential Training depending on the version of Outlook you are using.
  • In every version there is a chapter called Managing Your Calendar with multiple sub-chapters below.  These are the trainings available and we recommend taking all for learning how to use the calendar effectively.

Another good option for finding information on using the Outlook calendar is to do a web search for the specific calendaring question.  We’ve discovered all of the answers to our calendar questions by searching online specifically for them and due to Outlook’s high popularity, there is a tremendous amount of information available online.

Also, for creating a group shared calendar in Outlook, here is a downloadable Word doc that can be printed out which provides instructions in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

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