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How to Schedule a Video Conference

To schedule a video conference, you will need to reserve the video conference equipment and conference rooms as well as informing all meeting participants of the arrangement once everything is confirmed.

We require at least 24 hours advance notice to add a video conference to the schedule, but more advanced notice is always appreciated.  Please have the following information handy before contacting the site coordinator:

  • Date of the conference
  • Start and End Time of the conference
  • Sites - for non ANR sites, please also provide a IP address and the coordinator's contact information.

There are two ways to request a video conference:

  • You can contact the site coordinator.  Each of the ANR video conference sites has a site coordinator, and you can contact the coordinator of the sites you want to include in your video conference to reserve the equipment and a conference room.
  • You can fill out the Video Conferencing Request Form
    .  Site coordinators will receive an email with your request.

If there are more than two sites in the conference, you also need to schedule a site that has a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). The MCU will be able to bridge all the sites in one conference. The MCU at Tulare County can support only four sites including itself, but it has dual-stream capability (allowing you to see people and content at the same time). The MCU at UCOP can support up to fourteen sites including itself, but it does not have dual-stream capability.

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