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Communication Services & Information Technology

Calling and Answering

Answering a Video Call

  • Your system is set up to automatically answer calls, so the call will connect automatically. To prevent incoming callers from hearing a conversation not intended for them, all automatically answered calls are muted. You will need to un-mute your site in order for order sites to hear you.

Placing a Video Call

You can use your system to place a video call in one of following ways:

  • Entering a site's IP address
  • Choosing a site from the Recent Calls list
  • Choosing a site from the Directory

To place a call by entering a site's IP address

    1. In the dialing field, enter the IP address of the remote site.
    2. Enter any additional information needed for the call. The available settings depend on the type of call and your system's configuration. Not all calls require these settings.
    3. Press Call on the remote control to place the call. Call progress indicators appear on the screen to show that the call is in progress. When the indicators turn green, the call is connected.

To place a call from the Recent Calls screen

  1. Select Recent Calls from the Place a Call screen.
  2. Scroll to the entry you want to call.
  3. Press Call to place the call.

To place a call from the Directory

  1. Press Directory on the remote control.
  2. Find the entry to call.
  3. Press Call to place the call.

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