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Portal Accounts

In an effort to align ourselves with UC computing guidelines, we’ve add more flexibility to ANR user accounts to allow greater access to ANR web tools. We do this so that each and every user of any ANR tool can have a single, unique ANR user account. Allowing multiple users to access one computing account violates UC computing policy when the account contains confidential information, as many of our user accounts do.

Here are the three major types of access to ANR user accounts:

ANR Staff – Full access to every system, ability to create web sites, discussion groups, etc. ANR Staff accounts can be created by county directors or unit managers.

Sponsored Account – Full access to most systems, such as Site Builder, Collaborative Tools and the Survey Builder. Sponsored accounts are created by ANR staff members and require an expiration date. These accounts are ideal for student assistants, short-term research partners, interns, and other temporary situations. Sponsored accounts can be created here:

Non-ANR – Limited access to systems. Cannot create sites or new discussion groups, but can be site and group administrators. Non-ANR accounts are created automatically when you add a new user to Collaborative Tools, Site Builder or the Master Gardener Volunteer Management System. Non-ANR accounts exist indefinitely.

If you have any question about creating or managing ANR Portal accounts, please submit a ANR Help Desk.

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