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Unit Roles

The Unit Roles feature of the ANR Directory allows you to assign folks within your unit or county to specific duties. This connection is then made available to staff through the Portal, and it is used statewide to create distribution lists.

Editing Unit Roles is primarily assigned to Directors and Office Managers; however, there is a role for editing the directory for your unit, which can be assigned to another delegate.

If you are a Director, Office Manager, or directory editor, log into the ANR Portal and you should see your unit or county shown as seen here.

Portal Screenshot

Click the "Edit Info" link to go into the Unit Directory Editor. In the Unit Directory Editor, you can control your staff list, update your office location information, request affiliate email accounts and manage the roles within your unit or county.

Unit Roles Screenshot

Use the Unit Roles button on the top of the navigation bar to go into the Roles editing screen, seen here.

Unit Role Selection Screenshot

You'll see any roles currently assigned in your office, as well as a drop-down to select a staff member and a drop-down to select a role for that person. The staff member does not need to be housed in your unit or county, in case you have shared administrative resources.

If you are adding an IT Liaison to your unit or county, select the staff member and "Information Technology" as the option. We highly recommend you add all possible roles to this list.

Once the staff member is added, he or she will appear in the list, and there will be a delete button to remove the assignment, if needed.

Unit Roles Detail Screenshot

Each member of your unit or county will have a Portal link to view all administrative contacts, both the ones you assign and the statewide defaults. Here is the link found on the left column of the Portal.

My Contacts Link Screenshot

Here is a screen shot of the Administrative Contacts page.

My Contacts Screenshot


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