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Knowledge in Action

What is the value of policy-relevant research?  

Policy makers are looking for fact-based information that can move issues forward and inform decision-making. One key value of ANR is providing this science-based information. While your research may not directly affect local decisions or pending legislation, it can provide valuable background knowledge that can inform stakeholders or policy makers on a variety of issues.

Increasingly our clientele is recognizing that ANR research has impact on larger, more complex issues. And there is growing political recognition of the value of ANR in addressing critical issues.

Objective, science-based research brings critical knowledge to community, local and statewide issues. Here's how to be part of that conversation.

Getting Started

What is your communications goal? 

I want to show the impact of my research in a concise format for a general audience.
Best tool—UC Delivers

I want to reach a targeted audience or regional stakeholders about ANR research on a specific problem.
Best tool?—Fact sheet

I want to reach local or state legislators or a greater audience about ANR research that propels an issue forward.
Best tool?—Policy brief

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