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What is a Fact Sheet?

A fact sheet is a brief overview on or compilation of ANR research on a specific problem or issue. When complete, a fact sheet is no more than 4 pages including photographs, charts, and illustrations. Text does not exceed 1,500 words. In some cases a companion web site is developed to provide additional information.

Recent examples of ANR Fact Sheets include:


Asian cistrus psyllid and huanglongbing disease

A compilation of ANR research to inform growers and homeowners about what ANR is doing about ACP and greening disease. The printed Fact Sheet distributed to the citrus industry and a companion web site.  


  Balancing Food Safety and Sustainability
Opportunities for co-management

Distributed to a very targeted audience of food producers and produce industry professionals.



Delta Water Conversations

A short report on common themes emerging from a series of conversations held in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities about water issues.



Healthy Crops, Safe Water

An overview of ANR research on the issue of nitrates in groundwater. Produced in response to the UC Davis report:  Addressing Nitrate in California's Drinking Water. A printed Fact Sheet was distributed at media events and community discussion events; companion web site.


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