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Communication Services & Information Technology

The Process

Steps to creating ANR policy communications materials

For UC Delivers, follow the established process.

For Fact Sheets and Policy Briefs, follow this process:

  1. Fill out the Policy Communications Development Plan. Your survey will go to the CSIT Strategic Communications Liaisons, who will make an initial assessment of your proposed Fact Sheet or Policy Brief.
  2. The communications liaison team will meet with you to further discuss your project and its goals. 
  3. The liaisons will consult with the appropriate Strategic Initiative leader. 
  4. If the material is determined to be a Policy Brief with a related outreach campaign, ANR leadership will be informed. 
  5. The development of the material—writing, editing, gathering images and data—is a collaboration between you and the liaison team.
  6. CSIT will have copies of the material printed; funding is to be determined in advance.
  7. Each Fact Sheet and Policy Brief will also have an appropriate communications plan developed by the liaisons with your input. You or someone from your academic team is expected to be the spokesperson on the issue.
  8. Let's get started!



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